Remote Sensing and GIS

Remote sensing has the ability to greatly improve our understanding of earth systems. Researchers are actively pursuing remote sensing research to investigate scientific problems in water resources and tectonics. By leveraging large datasets in both deterministic and machine learning models, S&T researchers can quantify changes in groundwater storage, soil moisture, crop water stress and fault movement using a combination of satellite and drone datasets. This research has the potential to improve monitoring and modelling of critical earth resources and hazards, while preparing graduate students for careers in the growing field of geospatial data science.

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Dr. Katherine Grote

Associate Professor, Geological Engineering

Research Interests

Groundwater and near surface geophysics, specifically in applying these techniques to promote sustainable agriculture and environmental protection.

For additional information regarding Dr. Grote's research, please select here for publications.

Dr. J. David Rogers

Hasselmann Professor, Geological Engineering

Research Interests

Geographic information systems, seismic hazards in the midwest, seismically induced landslides, composite landslides, and sturzstroms and sackungen failures.

For additional information regarding Dr. Rogers's research, please see his website, or select here for publications.