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We leverage the strengths of our individual programs in geology and geophysics, and geological and petroleum engineering, to provide students with opportunities for multidisciplinary classroom and research experiences unique to our institution.  GGPE has an international focus that facilitates opportunities for cutting-edge research around the globe.

A Glimpse Into Our Department

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GGPE Highlights

William Chandonia, a Ph.D. candidate in Geology, relies extensively on the MOVE software suite. Here, William presents his research on the development of leading edge structures in fold and thrust belts at the Geological Society of America (GSA) meeting.

“MOVE provides our students the opportunity . . . to be competitive in the professional arena upon graduation.”

Petroleum Experts (Ltd) Provides MOVE Software Suite for Use in Research and Teaching

Petroleum Experts (Ltd), a recognized global standard in petroleum engineering and structural geology software tools, is providing 10 one-year licenses of the MOVE suite.  This software, valued at $2,180,000, is for use in research and teaching in the Geological Sciences and Geological and Petroleum Engineering Department at Missouri S&T.

The MOVE suite is one of the most powerful and complete software packages for analysis and modelling of complex geologic structures. The ten different software toolkits that comprise the MOVE suite allow for 2D and 3D kinematic modelling of geologic structures, including: Geomechanical Modelling, Fracture Modelling, Stress Analysis, Fault Analysis, and Fault Response Modelling. In addition, communication packages that allow MOVE to work with Petrel, Open works, and Link GST are also being provided and may be used in course work in Petroleum Geology.  

The MOVE software suite is used extensively by the “Geomechanics and Structure Task Force” – a research group supervised by Drs. Eckert (Petroleum Engineering) and Hogan (Geology and Geophysics). William Chandonia (Ph.D.) candidate (pictured below) is using MOVE to construct complex geologic cross-sections at the leading edge of the Sevier Orogeny in southern Utah. Chandonia is also investigating these structures using MOVE’s kinematic forward modelling features as well as the fault analysis packages. The results of this research will provide a better understanding of the architecture and evolution of the tips of fold and thrust belts, which are commonly locations of prolific hydrocarbon reservoirs.

Ph.D. candidate Peter Nso plans on using MOVE’s capabilities in his research on the origin of “Megaflaps” which are upturned sedimentary strata that are sub-vertical along the margins of upwelling salt diapirs and also represent potential prolific hydrocarbon traps. Dr. Hogan is extremely pleased that Petroleum Experts has graciously provided this software to the Missouri S&T stating “MOVE provides our students the opportunity to pursue complex research problems using cutting edge industry software which provides them with the technological experience they need to be competitive in the professional arena upon graduation.”


Gao named Curators’ Distinguished Teaching Professor

Dr. Stephen S. Gao, professor of geology and geophysics at Missouri University of Science and Technology, has been named Curators’ Distinguished Teaching Professor of geology and geophysics. Gao was officially recognized during Missouri S&T’s commencement ceremonies on Dec. 15.

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Petroleum Engineering Student appointed to board of curators

Ph.D. student, Avery Welker, was recently named as the student representative to the University of Missouri Board of Curators.  Avery was selected by Missouri Gov. Mike Parson to serve as the student representative for all four campuses within the university system. 

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GGPE receives $6.5M in-kind donation

An unprecedented gift of propriety seismic data has been received from Houston-based oil and gas exploration companies Calico Jack Holdings LLC and Zion Energy, LLC.  This donation is the largest gift in-kind Missouri S&T history and consists of a 3-D geologic and seismic data survey of 85 square miles along the Gulf Coast in Texas.  

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Mining Ice from the moon

Dr. Leslie Gertsch, Associate Professor in Geological Engineering, shared her expertise on moon mining for an article involving the mining of moon ice.  The article written by Leonard David of Space.com has been an international sensation in the news world, being shared by Yahoo! News Canada and UK. 

Dr. Gertsch contributions include discussing  how mineral deposits that are both economical and usable, form.

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