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Geological Engineers

Work in the areas of environmental protection, geo-technical engineering and geo-technics, geological hazards, GIS, and energy and minerals. The 21st century will be a time of conflict between the use of Earth's resources and the need for environmental protection. Geological engineers will be uniquely positioned to address the problems associated with this conflict.

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Petroleum Engineers

Work in the areas of well-drilling and completion, oil and gas evaluation and production, reservoir evaluation and future production prediction. Modern experimental and computational tools are utilized to study the technology of well-logging, testing, and stimulation; reservoir characterization; secondary and enhanced recovery processes; as well as geology.

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Geologists and Geophysicists

Are in high demand around the country and across the world. Some of their responsibilities include understanding the formation, structure, and evolution of the earth and other planets; exploring for oil, gas, minerals, and other natural resources; predicting natural hazards; and protecting the environment.

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